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smukme 2021 Spring Release

The best free beauty booking system in Denmark just got a new face and is way better than any previous one.

The new smukme Portal is now more beautiful, easier to use, faster and with more functions than before. It now works also on phone and tablet, you’re more in control and more functions were added so that you have everything you need to grow your beauty business. Find out more bellow!


Simple, beautiful, precise.

Everything is just one click away. On the left-side menu you are able to find all the functions of smukme Portal and navigate easily anywhere you wish. It’s very easy!

Beautiful on PC, tablet and mobile.

It works everywhere! You can now log in to your smukme Portal also from your phone and tablet. If you want to check something on the go you can do that easily. 


New tools to help you reach new heights.

You can now do more in smukme Portal. Here’s what’s new:

Custom Services

When adding services you can now choose to select them from a pre-made list or create your custom service. You are able to change the name and description of your  services as you wish so your customers can better understand what is included in the service that they are getting.

Find out how to add a custom service in smukme Portal here.

Time Off

You can set a vacation period, take a day off and set a break for lunch straight from your calendar in smukme Portal. Just click the “Add Time Off” button, select employee, choose the dates, time and reason. After you click “Submit” the time off appears in the calendar of the employee.

smukme Link™

The fastest way to share your booking system with anyone is here and it revolutionizes the entire beauty industry. This new feature allows you to share your unique booking link with anyone on social media, sms or your website. You can even use this link as your website. It’s awesome!
Just go to “Settings” in smukme Portal and find your smukme Link. 

Learn more about smukme Link here.

Crop Function

You can now choose the best part of a picture as we added a crop function when setting your profile image so it fits perfectly in the smukme App and smukme Link layout. There are also two sizes in which your profile image is used in your profile.
Your brand will look great in front of your customers!

Find the entire list of available functions in smukme Portal here.


Everything works together beautifully.

We improved the way smukme Portal is connected with smukme App and smukme Link. Any changes made by you in the Portal are automatically reflected in the Link and App faster than ever before. You are in complete control!

Pricing & Availability

Guess what? It’s free!

Yes, completely free! Another great feature offered by smukme to help your beauty business grow and succeed.
Available for free to all smukme Salon Partners from 02/05/2021

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About smukme

smukme is a technology company that is on a mission to connect every human being with beauty & wellness providers.

smukme revolutionizes the beauty & wellness industry by offering the most flexible management system available for beauty & wellness services providers such as hair salons, barbers, nail technicians, massage therapists and others alike.

smukme is building the digital infrastructure for the future of beauty & wellness and through its mission empowering business owners and freelancers to grow and thrive, while enabling everyone to discover their beauty, feel healthier and be more confident.

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