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Create a partner account Learn more


View your appointments, activities and earnings.


Check, delete and create new appointments in your list of appointments.


Plan your sessions.

See the appointments you have per month, week and day.


See an overview of all the activities on your account, so that you have full control.


Check how many bookings you had and how much you have earned monthly and yearly.


Look at a monthly overview of your earnings and comissions.


See what people think about your services and manage the reviews you receive.


Create your team , choose when people are available and what services they can offer.


Choose the services that you offer based on your expertise from a multitude of categories.


Manage how you can get contacted, where is your location and when you're open for services.


Choose to get paid straight into your bank account or on your PayPal account.


Manage multiple locations with one account.

Check the earnings, add services, manage roles,and many more.


Assign the roles of your staff members and set managers for the other branches.


Create promotions, discounts and campaigns for the services that you offer.

This is awesome! At last I can manage everything in my salon in one place.

Kirstin E.

So hard to have my bookings on a piece of paper. Problem solved. 🙂

Mike L.

Never been easier being a freelancer beautician. I can finally manage my bookings, follow my earnings and be flexible. 

Andreea S.

There's no extra cost when you create more calendars for your staff.
Therefore you can have as many calendars as you need.

You can create, edit or delete bookings straight from your smukme Portal™.
There is no limit on how many bookings you can create.

The customer receives an SMS as a reminder on phone two hours before the booking time.

When creating a booking, the customer receives an email notification with all the booking details.
Meanwhile you also receive an email that you got a booking and it is added automatically to your calendar.

When you become a registered partner you are automatically featured into smukme App™, the best mobile booking app in Denmark, where people can find your profile and book your services.

When you become a registered partner you are automatically getting your unique smukme Link™, that you can share with anyone and where people can see your prices, when you’re available and book your services.

If the customer or you will cancel the appointment it will automatically update your calendar and make that spot available for others to book your services.
A refund might occur, if applicable, according to the terms and conditions agreed by both parties.

You can create profiles for your staff where they have access to smukme Portal™.
Therefore they can manage their own calendar, services offered and more.

Assign roles for all your staff.
For example, you can create a manager role to manage a business branch you
have in another location or a team of employees.

You have an overview of all the services that you offer, organized by category.
Also you are able to add or remove services from a standard list of services or add your own custom services.

If you have multiple locations you can create branches profiles that you can manage from your main profile.
You can also create profiles and roles for your employees in the branches.

Create offers that will be visible by the customers in the smukme App™ and smukme Link™.

You are able to see and manage the reviews that customers are leaving on your profile.

See how much you have earned.
For example in each week, month, year or on a custom period of time.

You are able to see how many bookings you had each week, month, year or on a custom period of time.

It’s easy for your customers to pay straight through the app.
For instance with their card or Apple Pay.
It’s as simple as that!

Plenty of questions that are answered for you in case you need help.
Meanwhile you can also visit the Newsroom and read articles that can help you answer your questions.

Our support team is available everyday through email and will reply to you in 24h or less.
Therefore you can count on us!

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It's for awesome people like you!

This platform is designed for beauty service providers working as freelancers and salons with one or more locations.

If you want to get more customers, manage your time better and track your earnings, then becoming a smukme partner is the perfect solution for you!

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As smukme Salon Partner you get:

Unlimited Calendars
Unlimited Bookings
SMS Reminder
Email Notifications
Featured on: smukme App™
Available on: smukme Link™
Auto-update Calendars
Create Staff
Manage Staff Roles
Services Overview
Create and Manage Branches
Create and Manage Offers
Review Management
Earning Statistics
Booking Statistics
In App Payments
FAQ and Tutorials
24h Online Support


Read more about all free features here.

Register as salon partner

It's not needed.

As smukme Salon Partner we host you for free on our platform with your contact information, your services, prices, availability, and only you can see the bookings that come through.

The only thing you need is a smartphone, laptop or tablet with Internet access to use the reservation system.

Register as salon partner

It's easy!

Your clients can easily book services via your unique smukme Link that you can share on social media, on your website or in an sms.
They can also book you via the smukme App that is available to download on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Register as salon partner

Download the app and see how easy it will be for customers to book your services.

Yes, it's free!

It is free to become a partner, get your services in front of your clients and use our reservation system along with all the features.

There is no monthly or annual subscription fee.

Register as salon partner

Yes, it's free!

You can create packages and campaigns that are visible to all smukme App users, as well as in your smukme Link.

Register as salon partner

Yes, they will!

For each appointment booked via smukme Link or smukme App, the client will receive a notification with the reservation details.

Register as salon partner

Download the app and see how easy it will be for customers to order your services.

Yes you can!

You can create an individual profile with their own calendar free of charge for each employee.

Your customers will be able to choose the person they want and who is available.

Different schedules and employee roles can be set for each member.

Register as salon partner